obligatory head shotI put my MBA to use working for over 8 years for Tyco Thermal Controls, the heat tracing and instrumentation subsidiary of Tyco International (formerly Raychem’s Chemelex division). I worked my way up through a variety of marketing and technical positions. For the last two years at Tyco, I was Product and Marketing Manager for Asia. I was based as an expatriate in Seoul, Korea and traveled throughout much of Asia. Living there was a great experience and I learned a lot (feel free to check out my Asia Web Journals, where I wrote about many of my mostly non-work experiences).

After working and living in Asia, I decided I needed a break from the corporate world, so I left Tyco (and none too soon going by their stock price, which dropped by over half once I put my notice in – though not likely due to my leaving).

Since then, I have been doing a variety of marketing consulting work for my own consultancy named Expand Abroad Consulting, for a colleagues consultancy Portal Creative Marketing, teaching Global Management classes at University of Phoenix, and taking classes (including spending 5 months studying Japanese in Japan – I am finally getting close to being fluent).

I have also tried my hand as an Entrepreneur. In 2003, I developed and launched HELPUHIRE Solutions, an ASP-based business service that enables companies to easily and cost effectively manage the responses they receive to their job openings.

I also helped a friend open (including taking an equity stake in) a high end mountain bike retailer in 2005, called Passion Trail Bikes, and that business is still growing.

And from 2000-2013, I started and ran California Kayaker Magazine, an advertiser-supported, free print and online regional kayaking magazine.

On the side, I also “work” for a few paddle sports retailers and tour companies teaching and guiding kayak and SUP programs (sometimes it is hard to call paddling work).

For more details on my career, feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile.

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