snow shoeingIn general, I love the outdoors and nature. Hiking, cross country skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing, trail running, boating, camping, beach-combing, SCUBA diving, sea kayaking, etc. – if it involves nature, I’d much rather be doing that than being in the office working. I also try to stay fit, and have taken up yoga and completed my first (and last) marathon.

But my main activities (besides work) has been biking and kayaking, especially mountain biking, enough so that I purchased the web name for a type of bike for my web site.

From mid-2000 to mid-2001, I cut back a lot on many of my activities in favor of extensive international travel. In particular, I spent a year living in Seoul, Korea for work, and spent time exploring different parts of Asia. Did get to do some riding (and it turns out that Seoul does have some good trails), and lots of hiking in, plus was able to fit the odd snow boarding and SCUBA trips in. I have traveled more since then, especially to Japan (where I have spent almost 6 months studying Japanese).

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