me-kayaking-withwhales-001I started getting serious about sea kayaking in 2002, when I started taking lessons – having taken at least 6 day-long lessons that year. Finished that year with a week long kayak camping trip in the San Juan Islands in Washington State.

A few years later, I finally bought my first kayak.  This started a trend that didn’t stop until I had a storage area packed with kayaks.  Thankfully I have dialed back my gear acquisition a bit…

Have continued to paddle more and more, and have since taken many overnight trips and expeditions, including two separate week-long trips in the Sea of Cortez, a 10 day trip down the Columbia River (blog report here and published article in Wavelength Magazine), and a week long trip along Big Sur (which was shortened by weather to 4 days),

I have been working on improving my skills enough over the years such that I have become a part-time instructor and guide for various shops in the area, have received my Level 3 certification as a sea kayak instructor by the ACA, and received my Wilderness First responder certification. I have also started California Kayaker Magazine, a regional print and online kayaking magazine.

rock gardeningI prefer the more adventurous aspects of sea kayaking, especially rock gardening and surfing.  The picture to the left is me riding a wave as I run a pour over. I am one of the original 6 who founded Neptune’s Rangers ocean rock gardening team, and continue to paddle with them whenever I can.

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