Why What is a single speed? Is this a single’s club or something? Good questions. my bike

Single speed refers to a type of mountain bike which has recently gained in popularity because of its simplicity and retro style. Only one gear – so no shifting. Often they are simplified even more by using a rigid (non-suspension) fork. As bikes become more complex, more and more riders are desiring a less complex system, which a singlespeed accomplishes. And there is almost a laid back counter culture which goes with singlespeeds, which is very different that the high dollar, commercial scene that has taken over mountain biking.

So, no, this isn’t a single’s club.

But, for the first time in some 15 years, I actually do not have a single speed bicycle right now.

Check out MTBR’s FAQ file on singlespeeds for information on why people ride singlespeeds, how to make one, where to buy one, etc.

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