I am originally from New York (born in the Bronx and raised in Westchester County). Then spent 5 years in upstate New York going to college and graduate school. I moved to California in 1992 and settled in the San Francisco Bay Area, though I did spend over a year of that time in Korea for work and another 6 months or so in Japan studying Japanese.

If this was a personals ad, how would my description be written…
SWPM, 40-something, non-smoker, no drugs, social drinker, not religious, 6′ tall, short dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, decent shape, honest. Looking for well-tattooed, limber Eskimo with tie-dyed mohawk for Jell-O wrestling and body piercing. No freaks!
Oh, did I say sense of humor?

Should you be looking for a Peter Donohue who did have (but doesn’t currently) one of the following email addresses, you’ve found him…

  • peter@singlespeed.org
  • pdonohue@tycothermal.com
  • pdonohue@raychemhts.com
  • pdonohue@raychem.com
  • donohue@ix.netcom.com
  • donohue@netcom.com
  • 71162.3470@compuserve.com
  • al171536@academ01.mty.itesm.mx
  • v105mahs@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu
  • ppd491@albnyvms.albany.edu
  • and before that I only had a Commodore 64

For many years, I used peter@singlespeed.org as my personal email address. Now that address gets way too much spam, so I only glance at it from time to time to clean out the spam and see if I notice anything important coming into it. Instead, I use the following email addresses (written out below in a graphic so the spam harvesting programs can’t capture the address, but that also means you have to re-type it by hand – sorry about that). Feel free to send to any of them – they all go to the same place.


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